Thompson Draw Summer Homes I Historic District

The Thompson Draw Summer Homes Unit I Historic District (Thompson Draw I Historic District, for brevity) is considered significant at the state level under National Register Criterion A for its association with entertainment/recreation. The district consists of an intact and reasonably unchanged group of summer home cabins constructed under lease permits on the Tonto National Forest to provide recreational opportunities for Arizona's desert dwellers. The state-wide phenomenon of recreational summer home construction started in Arizona and across the nation during the 1920s, but the Thompson Draw I Historic District, constructed in the mid-1950s, is connected with a second boom in cabin construction that began in the post Second World War era. Because it was constructed on Forest Service land under permit from the Federal government, the primary significance of Thompson Draw is its association with the federal response to the need for summer recreation in Arizona. The district has additional significance as an example of the later period of summer home construction in Arizona. The period of significance for the district begins in 1955 when the initial planning and construction of the district occurred and continues through 1964 at the fifty-year limit for the National Register. The properties in the district remain in use as summer recreation homes. Some are now used as fulltime residences.

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